Shorter Contributions to General Geology, 1936
Shorter Contributions to General Geology, 1936 Image Cover
Place Published:Washington, DC
Series:Professional Paper 186
Format:Pasteboard cover
Comments: B. Fossil Flora of the Wedington Sandstone Member of the Fayetteville Shale (pages 13-41+plates), by David White
C. Fossil Plants from the Stanley Shale and Jackfork Sandstone in Southeastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas (Pages 43-67+plates) by David White
D. Some Organic Constituents of a Recent Sediment fromChincoteague Bay, Virginia (Pages 69-79) by Roger C. Wells and E. Theodore Erickson
F. American Cretaceous Ferns of the Genus Tempskya (Pages 105-131+plates), by Charles B. Read and Roland W. Brown
G. Stratigraphic Relations of the Austin, Taylor, and Equivalent Formations in Texas (Pages 133-146), by Lloyd William Stephenson
H. Inferences About the Origin of Oil AAs Indicated by the Compositoion of the Organic Constituents of Sediments (Pages 147-157), by Parker D. Trask
I. Some Deep Wells Near the Atlantic Coast in Virginia and the Carolinas (Pages 159-161), by W.C. Mansfield
J. Additions to some Fossil Floras of the Western United States (Pages 163-206+plates(, by Roland W. Brown
K. The Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Rocks North of the Arkansas River in Eastern Colorado (Pages 207-232) by C.H. Dane, W.G. Pierce, and J.B. Reeside, Jr.
L. The Correlation of the Upper Cambrian Sections of Missouri and Texsas with the Section in the Upper Mississippi Valley (Pg. 233-237). By Josiah Bridge.
M. A Redexcription of Ferdinand Roemer's PaleozoicTypes from Texas (Pg. 239-271) by Josiah Bridge and George H. Girty.+
N. Relation of Salinity to the Calcium Carbonate Content of Marine Sediments (Pg. 273-299) by Parker D. Trask.