Shorter Contributions to General Geology, 1914
Shorter Contributions to General Geology, 1914 Image Cover
Editor:White, David, Chief Geologist
Place Published:Washington, DC
Series:Professional Paper 90A
Summary: Contents:
A. Geology of the pitchblende ores of Colorado, by Edwin S. Bastin (published March 17, 1914);
B. Erosion and sedimentation in Chesopeake Bay around the mouth of Choptank River, by J.f. Hunter (published May 23, 1914;
C. Dike rocks of the Apishapa quadrangle, Colorado, by Whitman Cross (published June 16, 1914);
D. The composition of crinoid skeletons, by F.W. Clark and W.C. Wheeler (published June 16, 1914)
E. Contributions to the stratigraphy of southwestern Colorado, by Whitman Cross and E. S. Larsen (published September 17, 1914)
F. A reconnaissance in the Canyon Range, west-central Utah, by G.F. Loughlin (published October 17, 1914)
G. The Montana group of northwestern Montana, by Eugene Stebinger (published October 14, 1914)
H. A deep well at Charleston, S.C., by L.W. Stephenson, with a report on the mineralogy of the water, by Chase Palmer (published December 31, 1914)
I. The stratigraphy of the Montana group, with special reference to the position and age of the Judith River formation in north-central Montana, by C.F. Bowen (published February 12, 1915)
J. The Cretaceous-Eocene contact in the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain, by L.W. Stephenson (published February 27, 1915)
K. The history of a portion of Yampa River,. Colo., and its possible bearing on that of Green River, by E.T. Hancock (published February 20, 1915)
L. The inorganic constituents of echinoderms, by F.W. Clarke and W.C. Wheeler (published February 27, 1915)