Mercury in the Environment
Mercury in the Environment Image Cover
Place Published:Washington, DC
Series:Professional Paper 713
Comments: Summary of the literature on the inorganic geochemistry of mercury, by Michael Fleisher
Mercury content of rocks, soils, and stream sediments, by A.P. Pierce, J.M. Botbol, and R.E. Learned
Mercury in sedimentary rocks of the Colorado Plateau region by R.A. Cadigan
Chemical behavior of mercury in aqueous medi, by John D. Hem
Mercury contents of naturea thermal and mineral fluids, by ER.E. White, M.E. Hinkle, and Ivan Barnes
Sources and behavior of mercury in surface waters, by R.L. Wershaw
Biological factors in the chemistry of mercury, by Phillip E. Greeson
Mercury content of plants, by Hansford T. Shacklette
Mercury in the atmosphere, by J.H. McCarthy, Jr., J.L. Meuschke, W.H. Ficklin, and R.E. Learned
Atmospheric and fluvial transport of mercury, by E.A. Jenne
Analytical methods for the determination of mercury inrocks and soils, by F.N. Ward

Summary: A compilation of papers on the abundance, distribution, and testing of mercury in rocks, soils, waters, plants, and the atmosphere