Stampede To Timberline: Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of Colorado
Muriel Sibell Wolle
Stampede To Timberline: Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of Colorado Image Cover
Publisher:Swallow Press, Ohio University Press
Place Published:Athens, Ohio
Genre:History, Mining camps
Edition:Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged 1974, First Paperback Edition 1991
Subjects: History: American, History: World & General, USA, American history, Local history, History - U.S., History, Colorado, Ghost towns, Gold discoveries, History, Local, Mining camps, History / United States / General, History / United States / State & Local / General, United States - 19th Century/Old West, United States - State & Local - General

Summary: "In the 1940s, Muriel Sibell Wolle traveled to Rosita, and dozens of other old mining areas. She interviewed the oldest residents she could find. She asked them to recall details of the earliest days of the area and she recorded their stories in this book.

"In this book, I was delighted to find historical details about the area I have researched, that I have not found anywhere else. This is a large book, and every locale included in it has first- hand reports of historical information. This book was a huge undertaking and accomplishment for Muriel Sibell Wolle."