Greenhorn's Guide to Gold Panning
Ron Slaughter
Greenhorn's Guide to Gold Panning Image Cover
Publisher:Cheshire Moon Publications, L.L.C.
Genre:Prospecting, Gold
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Subjects: Nature, Mining, Rocks & Minerals

Summary: "This guide is basic - the beginner's guide to gold panning. It is just about panning; no rockers and sluices here. This little guide's goal is to help you coax gold nuggets and flakes out of a cold, mountain stream.
"Ron Slaughter points out that finding gold is as much luch as experience so the advanced gold panner doesn't have that much of an advantage over the newcomer. Lode mining veins of gold is too much work, so the author suggests placer gold, letting "Ma Nature" do the nasty work. Then he gets down to basics and gives dozens of valuable tips and clues for finding the most likely spots in the stream and the ways to find those bright shining specks in the bottom of the pan."