Making of a Continent
Ron Redfern
Making of a Continent Image Cover
Publisher:Times Books
Illustrator:Color Illustrations by Gary Hincks
Place Published:New York
Genre:Geology, Historical Geology, Natural history
Comments: For American Geological Institute

Subjects: Science/Mathematics, Historical Geology, Nature, Science, General, Geology, North America, Earth Sciences - General, Non-Classifiable

Summary: "Ron Redfern is a superb writer and peerless photo editor. This book is surely the capstone of his career to date. "

"Although the subject matter examined is broad and complicated, the book is very well organized and seamlessly drafted. With the exception of a few typographical errors, the information presented is highly accurate. The genius of the work lies in the fact that, despite having to examine complex problems in geology, the author so deftly explains these matters that the reader is never left confused or at a loss. "

"As to the magnificent color photographs, both large and small, each follows the text closely, and each is accomapnied by an explanatory, locational note. The beauty of many of the pictures is breathtaking. Additionally, accompanying diagrams are thoughtful and informative."

"Redfern's masterpiece covers the history and nature of the North American tectonic plate. It is a virtual textbook of plate tectonics. Discussion is divided into several chapters covering the origin of the plate, its relation to other plates, especially the Baltic and African plates, and then into sections describing each part of the plate. Chapters include as subjects such varied areas as the Mississippi delta, the Canadian Shield, the Colorado Plateau, and the Appalachians. You will be endlessly fascinated by the marvelous photos and detailed text, and it seems something new is learned upon each rereading of the book"

"The book is small coffee-table in size, and would form a proud display in anyone's home. I cannot recommend this book highly enough for lay persons interested in geology, and the book is highly useful for professional and academics in the field of geology, as well. If you want to enjoy reading and learning about the forces that make our marvelous planet operate, this is the book to get."