Rio Grande Southern: Rico and the Mines
Mccoy, Dell A., Russ Collman, and William A. Graves
Rio Grande Southern: Rico and the Mines Image Cover
Publisher:Sundance Publications
Editor:Collman, Russ
Place Published:Denver
Series:The RGS Story Volume 5
Subjects: Colorado, Railroads, Narrow-gage, Rio Grande Southern Railroad

Summary: a study of the Rio Grande Southern railroad; this book focuses on the town of Rico and the mining branch that once switch-backed it's way up the mountain behind Rico, Colorado.

Included are detailed descriptions and photos from many periods of Rico's history. There's a lot of detailed photos, drawings and track layouts of the depot grounds, mines, and engine facilities in Rico, including the variations over the years. The story of the town's history is also told in great detail, w/many photos of various buildings, the evolution of the town's main street and it's shops and stores, and so on.

A must for any RGS fan, or anyone interested in the history of this part of the country during the 1890s - 1950s. As with every book in the series, this one includes many hundreds of photos, historical accounts, track plans, building and bridge drawings, and much more.