William Henry Jackson: An Annotated Bibliography {1862 to 1995}
Thomas H. Harrell
William Henry Jackson: An Annotated Bibliography {1862 to 1995} Image Cover
Publisher:Carl Mautz Publishing
Place Published:Nevada City
Genre:Photographers, Bibliography
Summary: "The creative and commercial output of William Henry Jackson was staggering. He lived 99 years, and left thousands of paintings, photographs, sketches, prints, illustrations, articles and books in his wake. From photographing the post-Civil War expansion into the Western U.S. to publishing colorful art prints of people and scenes from around the world, Jackson was always prominent. His influence was felt by many and remains pervasive to this day, as he continues to be one of the most studied and written about of America's 19th century photographers.This bibliography has been an ongoing interest of Dr. Harrell's for many years and presents the scholarly and collecting world with an invaluable resource for understanding Jackson, the American West and the history of photography as reflected in Jackson's continual growth through changing technology and times."