Early Days on the Western Slope of Colorado
Sydney Jocknick
Early Days on the Western Slope of Colorado Image Cover
Publisher:Western Reflections Publishing Co.
Place Published:Ouray, CO
Edition:Reprint Edition
Subjects: Frontier and pioneer life, History - U.S., History: American, History-United States - State & Local - General, United States - 19th Century/Old West, United States - State & Local - General, History, Indians of North America, Native Americans - Southwest, Non-Fiction, United States - Mountain - Colorado, United States - State & Local, United States - 19th Century, 19th century, Colorado, Ute Indians

Summary: Jocknick arrived on the "Sunset Slope" of Colorado in 1870 and, fortunately for us, began chronicling events during his job as a Ute Agency cowboy and cook. He became friends with Ute Chief Ouray and his wife, Chipeta. Jocknick recorded the Utes method of keeping time and logged their marriages and burials. He even wrote of the removal of the Utes from Colorado. Jocknick also spent his time as an early day prospector and a farmer. He was involved with the Alferd Packer affair, knew Otto Mears and recounted events that happened during the San Juan gold rush. He was there at the founding of almost every major town in southwestern Colorado, crossing paths with outlaws and future governors.
First published in 1913 and now reprinted, this book is perhaps the best primary source of information on the pioneer days of 1870 through 1883 in western Colorado.