Rio Grande Southern: Over the Bridges - Ridgway to Telluride (Copy 2)
Russ Collman, Dell A. McCoy
Rio Grande Southern: Over the Bridges - Ridgway to Telluride (Copy 2) Image Cover
Publisher:Sundance Pubns Ltd
Editor:Dell A. McCoy
Place Published:Denver
Genre:Narrow gauge railroads
Series:The RGS Story Volume 1
Summary: this book is exceptional. It's a study of the Rio Grande Southern railroad, specifically the portion of the railroad between the northern terminal at Ridgway and the branch line to Telluride, both in southwestern Colorado.
Included are detailed descriptions and photos from the early days of the railroad, including the history, equipment and facilities the RGS created or purchased in the 1890s. There's a lot of detailed photos, drawings and track layouts of the engine and repair facilities at Ridgway, including the variations over the years. Then the books moves up the line, mile by mile, examining the route, bridges, towns, sidings, depots, etc all the way to Vance Junction and into Telluride. Telluride itself isn't covered much (that's Vol 2).
A must for any RGS fan, or anyone interested in the history of this part of the country during the 1890s - 1950s. As with every book in the series, this one includes many hundreds of photos, historical accounts, track plans, building and bridge drawings, and much more.